Hot Tubs and Sauna

At Clydey, there are three hot-tubs. If you’re lucky enough to be staying in The Farmhouse, one of the hot tubs is just for your sole use and enjoyment.

The other two are available to all adult guests – one being indoor, along the poolside and the other being outdoor, enjoying spectacular views across the meadows and hills. The hot-tubs are constantly heated to 38C, ready and waiting for you to sink into, lie back, relax and let the warm water and hydrotherapy jets ease away any stresses, aches or pains.

The sauna is also available and complimentary to all adult guests, situated on the poolside. Simply switch it on, have a swim or snooze on a poolside lounger for 20 minutes before stepping in and feeling the heat penetrate through to your core, gently relaxing and detoxifying your body as the eucalyptus scent clears your mind. Bliss!

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