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Best Coastal Path Walks In Pembrokeshire, Wales

Some of the very best coastal path walks are to be found in Pembrokeshire. And one of the obvious reasons for this is that Pembrokeshire has the only coastal national park in the UK. The Pembrokeshire coast path covers a huge range close to 186 miles in total. Throughout there is breathtaking scenery. In total the path passes 58 beaches and 14 harbours. As far as possible the route runs close to the cliff edge and coast, but this is not possible at all times; on occasion the coast is barely in sight where it detours industrial or military areas. These deviations, however, are brief.

There are a handful of seaside towns and coastal villages along the path, such as Tenby, St Davids, Solva and Newport and the backpacker attempting longer parts of the trail will consequently find enough shops and campsites along the way, but may need to carry food and water for a couple of days in one or two places. There are also a number of small hotels and guest houses en route, invariably family-run. There are also cottages for hire, often built in traditional styles.

It is no surprise that with the coastal National Park walking is extremely popular. Whether you are a seasoned walker or you are on holiday with your family in Pembrokeshire this is something that we recommend that you do. To appreciate the true beauty of what Pembrokeshire has to offer you must experience the amazing beauty of the coastal walk.

During the spring and early summer the path displays an array of wild coastal flowers, and there is a wealth of bird life. Colonies of seabirds nest along the cliffs, and a huge variety of European seabirds are supported by the uninhabited offshore islands that act as bird sanctuaries, such as Skomer, Skokholm and Ramsey Island. Seals, porpoises and dolphins can often be spotted swimming offshore

We certainly would not expect you to cover its full length but here at Clydey we can advise you of the best way to start and finish your walk experience. There are also a number of companies that run group walks and thus get the experience and knowledge of a local guide.

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