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Best Castles in Pembrokeshire

The great thing about the county of Pembrokeshire is that it is full of history, and is home to some of the most important Neolithic and Iron Age finds anywhere in the world. It also played a significant part in the defense of the United Kingdom, and this is shown by the sheer numbers of castles to be found within the county.

Pembroke Castle

Pembroke castle is one of the finest of its kind anywhere in the British Isles, and stands as a testament to the wealth of the medieval rulers of Pembroke. It was the Romans who first occupied the site, however, it was not until the Norman invasion in the 11th century that the castle was built.

Carew Castle

This is a ruin of a castle that stands on the river Carew, close to the town of Pembroke. The castle was originally constructed in and around 1100AD, and was actually built on the site of an ancient Iron Age fort. It is in a strange position as it, and the Iron Age fort before it, were constructed in a low-lying riverside position, rather than the more defensive hilltop position, which was much more common at the time.

Llawhaden Castle

Originally, this castle was the centerpiece of the estates of the bishop of St David’s, and had more than one purpose. It was not only a military fortress, but it also acted as the administrative hub of the bishops, as well as their main residence. It was sacked by the Welsh in 1192, and then rebuilt in stone during the 1200s, before further reconstruction works were carried out in 1300s.

Tenby Castle

The ruins of Tenby Castle are very well preserved, and walls, a tower and a gate all survive from the 13th century. The ancient defensive walls of the town have also been preserved extremely well, and are of great historical interest. The original castle built on this site was constructed by an unnamed Norman lord prior to 1156, when it fell in to the hands of Lord Rhys.

Other Castles in the area

These are some of the best castles to visit in Pembrokeshire, but there are also plenty of others in the area, and these include Newport castle, Wiston castle and Picton castle. As you can see, with such a rich and diverse heritage in this part of Wales, there is certainly no shortage of historical castles to visit.

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