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My moving home

Let’s say that you have to move home and you don’t know where to start from because it’s your first time to move somewhere else. What should you think about first? How to manage your moving? All you need in this moment is to avoid stress: actually, a moving can be a large stress source.

Follow our simple and easy tips to manage your moving in a safe way. First off, you need to analyze your situation and to understand how long time you will need to move all of your things. Give yourself time!

Then, you need to get organized: so make a list of all the necessary things you have to take with you and throw away what you don’t need any more. When you start to package your things, organize the packages in this way: label each paper package and fill it in with things from the same category (for example: label “books” and inside put books and block notes and all is book – related). Remember that when you stuff your packages you have to put the heaviest items at the very bottom and then add the lighter and most fragile things. If you want to save money, buy recycled paper packages and don’t hesitate to ask for help. You can either call a moving company or ask some friend for help.

Take into account that a moving involves some cost. So try to have a good budget, after all you never know if anything unpredicted might come across your moving adventure.

Normally, a moving can take up to 8 weeks, without to do everything in a hurry. So consider this.

The last days are the most stressful as you need to recheck all you have up to this moment done and you have to definitely say goodbye to your old home and probably friends and neighbors. This is where the most stressful part comes from. The moving day will start early, it’s the day you have been waiting for… so take courage and go!

Sometimes you may need to relock a key for the new home, so you can think to call a 24/7 locksmith company. Having two or more copies of your home keys, will be better because in case you lose one you can still have a couple. You can choose among a wide range of keys and start to sleep sweet dreams in your new home.  


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